Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello Everyone

My name is Dan, and I live in a van. Just moved in, actually. I got tired of dealing with landlords and roommates and paying rent and decided to live in a van instead of an apartment. I will try this out for one semester and see how it goes. You can join me on this journey through this blog.

A journey is what it really is. I am a traveller. I've been all over the world, and I get antsy staying in one spot. Living in a van in just one city may not seem like travel, but in a way it is. I've lived in this city for years, but I will have to experience it in an entirely new way by living this lifestyle. I will discover news things, talk to new people, and live my life on the road. I will discover new things about myself and the world. That's what travel is all about.

I got the idea several months ago, when I obtained an old Class C RV with the intention of living at a campground. I wanted to be more free and mobile. The RV ended up being much more of a project than I could handle at the moment, and, since I couldn't sell her for a reasonable price, and since she's a really cool RV anyway, she now sits in my parents' yard waiting for the day when I will have the time and funds to restore her.While I was doing research on how to restore an RV, I came across a website about van dwelling, and the bug hit me. This would be even better than living in an RV at a campground! Why pay rent for a campsite when I could just park on the street? I spent hours and hours surfing the web for van dwelling information. Finally, with about two weeks left before the expiration of my then-current lease on my apartment, my roommate slid a little too far down the slippery slope of house-fascism (actually, he's a good guy, just a bit too conservative for me), and I decided not to renew my lease. Instead, I bought an old conversion van from the back lot of a dealership and started working on my transition to life as a van dweller.

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